Me & My Work

What I do…

  • Assessment of manuscripts for children and young adults.
  • Editing of fiction and non-fiction manuscripts for adults, children and young adults.
  • Proofreading of manuscripts of all kinds (poetry, non-fiction and fiction for adults, children and young adults).

Where I come from…

Based in Wellington, New Zealand, I’ve spent the last four years freelancing as an editor and manuscript assessor. Prior to this, I was a corporate PA, and before that, I worked for Booksellers New Zealand where, as part of a team of two, we executed two New Zealand Book Awards campaigns annually (one for children, one for adults). I was involved in all areas of executing these campaigns and was privileged to be invited to sit around the judges’ table for the children’s awards. This allowed me a good deal of insight into what judges are looking for (for example, the importance of professional presentation), and how a book’s merits and failings might be debated.

How I got here…

I have a diploma in publishing from Whitireia and a Bachelor of Arts with Honours in English Literature, from Victoria University of Wellington. I wrote my honours thesis on Maurice Sendak and how his work reflects fairy tale theory. I’m passionate about children’s books and always have been. I have a vast collection of favourites, which began long before having my own son (and the associated justification to buy more). I truly believe that books can be magical. How many things make you smile in just a few short pages, the way a picture book can?

Why I get out of bed…

I genuinely love working with authors and supporting them to make their work as brilliant as it can be. I will justify my feedback and will follow your lead on how blunt you would like that feedback to be. I believe that your manuscript contains a little part of your soul and that you are understandably protective of that. We both want your work to be great and I will work with you to help you to achieve that.

Bragging Rights…

Makaro Press

The Discombobulated Life of Summer Rain, by Julie Lamb (co-editor)
Winner of the Best First Book Award, NZ Book Awards for Children & Young Adults 2017

Lonesome When You Go, by Saradha Koirala
Notable Book at the Storylines Book Awards 2017

Snails, Spells and Snazzlepops, by Robyn Cooper

Moon Boy, by Kathy Sutcliffe

Time Twins, by Sally Astridge and Arne Norlin

Slice of Heaven, by Des O’Leary (co-editor)
Finalist for the Best First Book Award, NZ Book Awards for Children & Young Adults 2019


The Ash, The Well and the Bluebell, by Sandra Arnold (co-editor)
(due for launch August 2019)


The Cuba Press

Ringlet and the Day the Oceans Stopped, by Felicity Williams (co-editor)

Harriet and the Eye of the Bird, by Julie Lamb (co-editor)

Super Spare Parts and the Nemerons from the Twelfth Quadrant, by C.J. Parker (co-editor)


Independent publishers

Glam Italia: How to Travel Italy, by Corinna Cooke (Glam World Publishing LLC)

Glam Italia: 101 Fabulous Things to Do in Rome, by Corinna Cooke (Glam World Publishing LLC)

Murder in Mud, by Rodney Strong (Amazon Digital Services LLC)

Murder in Doubt, by Rodney Strong (Amazon Digital Services LLC)