What you get for your money

My editing process usually involves two rounds of in-depth editing, with digital notes and suggestions made throughout your document. (See step-by-step details of this process below.)

I will provide feedback using Track Changes in MS Word. My comments and suggestions within your document will offer objective advice on how to bring your work up to publishable standard. I’ll identify issues relating to structure, character development, voice, themes and plot and will make specific suggestions to address and resolve them. I will query discrepancies and ensure your style choices are consistent.

On my second round of edits, we will work together to ensure that all identified issues have been resolved and will polish your document to a shine. (Please be advised that while I will do my utmost to perfect your document, there is nothing like a good proofreader with clean eyes to catch any last sneaky anomalies on a final read through.)

Before undertaking your project, I’ll provide you with an estimated time frame for completion. I will keep you updated as to my progress.

Throughout the project, we will be in frequent communication.

What it will cost

My rates for editing vary depending on the scope of the task, but are roughly based on your word count and the level of editing required (estimated using a sample chapter of your work).

As a guide, I charge $75 per hour. For example, a relatively clean manuscript of 57k words will usually take me approximately 20 hours to do a first edit.

Once agreed, payment is to be made in two installments: the first to be paid prior to your receiving my first edit and the second paid prior to your receiving my second edit. (These payment terms may change once we have an established working relationship.)

How we’ll work together

This process always varies according to the author’s preference and work required. However, as an idea…

  1. You get in touch by email or phone and let me know you’d like to work together.
  2. You send me a chapter of your manuscript so I can get a feel for your writing and gauge the level of editing required. In your email, please include some background about yourself as a writer and any feedback you may have received from a publisher about this manuscript.
  3. We negotiate an estimated fee for editing your work based on your total word count and the time it takes to edit your sample chapter. (It is normal for a document to require two rounds of edits to reach a publishable standard.) We agree on a time frame for editing the project.
  4. Before beginning a project, I like to meet in person for a coffee if we can. This gives us a chance to get to know a bit more about each other and clarify how I will best be able to help you with your project. Plus it’s fun! (FYI — I don’t charge for my time at this meeting.)
  5. You send me your manuscript as an MS Word document in an email attachment. I usually edit using Track Changes in MS Word. (If you prefer to send a paper manuscript, please let me know and we can negotiate a process for this. Be aware that editing on paper tends to take more time.)
  6. I edit your manuscript and send you an invoice for the first installment (half of the agreed estimate).
  7. You pay the invoice. I confirm your payment has been received and email the edited document back to you.
  8. I follow up with you to discuss the edit and answer any questions you may have.
  9. You review the edited manuscript, accepting proposed changes and replying to my comments, before sending the document back to me for my second edit.
  10. I edit your manuscript using Track Changes and send you an invoice for the second installment.
  11. You pay the invoice. I confirm your payment has been received and email the edited document back to you.
  12. I follow up with you to discuss the completion of the project and whether I can be of any further help.